Why Real Estate Agents Need Copywriters!

Posted by on April 12, 2009 11:23 pm
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Have you ever taken a look at the ads in your local paper for houses?

They suck!

They pretty much look the same, say the same, and none of them stand out. When everything looks alike and everyone’s trying to sell the same thing you’ve got to stand out if you want to make the sale.

That’s exactly why I think Real Estate Agents should use the expertise of a copywriter in their real estate marketing. That’s what we do, we create cash sucking ads for business owners.

If you’re a real estate agent you should be thinking of yourself as a business owner. It’s your business to do everything you can to be profitable.

I mean, think about it…

A real estate agent is good at showing and selling houses. You’re a master at what you do. But what you’re not is a direct response marketer or copywriter.

Think about the impact to your profits if you had a great copywriter and marketer writing your materials. You’re running a business and all businesses outsource certain tasks. It might be accountants, sales people, marketers, etc… so you should consider doing the same.

I would bet that you would see great successes, more sales, and happier clients because of it.

You see… when you stand out from the crowd with valuable interesting descriptions that pull the emotion and desire from the home buyer you’re more likely to get the sale. Especially since you’ve primed them in print before you ever meet them face to face.

Once you get them face to face you’ll be ready to knock their socks off.

Just think about when you’re selling a house to someone face to face. You’re not selling hunk of bricks, wood, and paint. No, you are selling them the dream, the desires, and emotions they long for in the home they’ll be staying in for a long while.

Consider the leverage you would gain over your competitors when you stand out from everyone else in your local paper. Think about how envious they’ll be wondering how you’re doing this magic.
So if you’re a real estate agent that wants to succeed in today’s market and make a difference to your bank account, you should consider talking to a copywriter or direct response marketer that can help you out.

Till next time…

Jay Simcic - Marketer

Jay Simcic

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