Marketing During A Recession – Marketing Lesson While Flying

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The flight from hell….

I recently flew from Fort Lauderdale, FL back home to North Carolina. What amazes me is how cramped it seems to get each time I fly. It’s crazy.

I know I’m a big guy and all but geez!

I flew US Air this time because they had reasonable prices and I got in and out when I wanted. The only problem is they nickel and dime you to death.

  • $15 for each bag of luggage
  • $7 for a blanket and pillow
  • A pain in my neck for the ride.

You see, it’s not so much about the money but the experience. I probably won’t fly US Air again because of it.

Sometimes it’s just not about the money!

Because they’re charging for baggage people are bringing on larger and larger carry-on bags. What baffles my mind is how they’re allowed to bring this stuff on. They’re friggin’ huge!

The airline has to be losing more money this way. I’d much rather pay an extra $30 for my tickets than have to deal with people stuffing bags where they don’t belong. I mean for real folks, our plane was delayed because it took so long for people to pack their bags. No mechanical issues or anything. I would bet the luggage bay was nearly empty because everything was stuffed above our heads or below our feet.

But ohhh… noooo… some of these people must have packed for a month. They had bags that were so tightly zipped it looked like they were about to bust.

So not only did I have to pay a little more for the flight but the experience sucked hot dogs.

So, where is the marketing lesson in here?

The marketing lesson!

For starters, just because you can unbundle your products doesn’t mean that you should. Think about the impact it’ll make on your customers. Your effort in increasing your profits could cause a decrease because you have more people leaving your sales funnel.

As you think about ways you can unbundle your products for profit think about ways your customers will enjoy or despise you for it. Weigh the pros and cons of unbundling and then make your decision.

I haven’t validated it but I would bet more people are irritated with the changes the airline has made than pleased. And that reason alone should cause you to think about how you bundle and unbundle your products and services.

Till next time…

Jay Simcic - Marketer

Jay Simcic

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