Recession Marketing – Glimmers Of Hope

Posted by on April 14, 2009 8:00 am
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Recently, President Obama mentioned that he see’s glimmers of hope in the economy. I’m wondering, what do you see?

First I see there are tons of opportunities around. The people in their trances just need to open their eyes and look around. I recently read a Time magazine article that showed how many people are starting their own businesses during this “rough time”.

That’s what I’m talking about!

The same applies when analyzing your business for improving profits, generating new leads, and just getting more time back for yourself. So many business owners get tunnel vision, fail to market their businesses properly and start the nose dive at the hint of a downturn.

Now we’re in the dead heat of an economic downturn and there are dozens of opportunities you can be taking advantage of that will boost your profits, produce more leads, and give you more time to do the things you love.

You just have to open your eyes…

Let me give you one thing you can do starting tomorrow that will boost your profits.

Raise your prices by 5%, give a reason for it, and don’t look back. Ok, look back but only for tracking purposes.

I would bet that if you increased your prices by 5% you would hardly loose anyone as long as you gave a reason and increase the value of what you were giving them.

That’s it… that’s all you have to do… but so many business owners are unwilling to even try it they’re sitting on top of a proverbial gold mine.

Yeah, you can’t just come out, raise your prices, and give your customers the finger. No. Give them some reason to stay with you. Make it about them. Let them know you’re adding value that justifies the price increase.

Go ahead, dunk your toe in the water and test it. Just put it to a short test and see what happens. You just might make so dough!

Till next time…

Jay Simcic - Marketer

Jay Simcic
Profit Convergence, Inc.

P.S.  It’s only after bad things happen that many people think about how they could have done things different.  Remember, it hasn’t happened yet and you can still do something about it.  Call me to get your FREE marketing analysis done… 336-775-6606

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