Recession Marketing – Stand Out From The Crowd

Posted by on April 16, 2009 8:25 am
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Have you ever looked at your competition objectively and asked yourself how your business stands out from theirs? If you haven’t, it’s time.

Your USP is what’s going to tell your prospects why they should do business with you.

You’ve got to determine what sets you apart from everyone else. I’m not talking about just price either. Too many companies are competing on price and it just doesn’t work all the time.

What are your prospects asking themselves about your company?

  • Do they know who you are?
  • Do they know what you sell?
  • Do they know why your company is better than your nearest competitor?
  • Is your reputation something you should be talking about?

  • Once you answer some of these questions you should frame it for your customers. Always remember the famous saying… What’s In It For Me…

    Keep that on the forefront of you mind and you’ll be able to set yourself apart from everyone else.

    So, getting back to what’s in it for your customer…

    What do you do for your customer?

    Do you enhance their lives? Give them something they can’t get anywhere else?

    What do your best customers love about you?

    Start building your USP from these types of questions and from what your current customers think are your best attributes.

    Then incorporate it in your marketing. All of it…

    Your USP will help you pull in more targeted prospects and it communicates to them exactly why you’re different from everyone else.

    Start brainstorming your USP and implement it today so that you can bust through this recession with huge profits.

    Till next time…

    Jay Simcic - Marketer

    Jay Simcic

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