Life Insurance Lead Generation – Why Life Insurance Agents Need A Copywriter!

Posted by on April 17, 2009 8:08 am
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Every time I turn around I’m hearing about people who just can’t get enough leads for their business.

One of those areas that I’ve heard about recently is around life insurance lead generation. It seems that some people are struggling right now.

So … what can you do to generate some leads this week?

First let me say, if you haven’t been paying attention you’ll have noticed that offline newspapers are hurting and are losing advertisers by the truckload. That gives you a huge benefit.

It means you should be able to pick up some offline advertising for next to nothing.

Ok… here’s what you can do…

Buy a small ¼ page ad. In the ad make an offer to your prospects for a free report. Now, you know your industry best.

What do your prospects want most out of life insurance?

Make an offer in your ad for a free report that solves that big problem most people are looking to solve around life insurance. You can have them call or send them to a website that collects their information.

Deliver their report and follow up with them. Now you’ve got highly targeted prospects who opted-in for your free information. It’s up to you then to communicate.

If you don’t sell them make sure you keep their information. Send them valuable information weekly. Don’t try and sell them each time you communicate… no, give them super good information that’s going to help them out.

You’ll build trust and rapport and next time you contact they might be ready to buy.

It’s that easy!

Now, if you know how to do this on your own, great! But leave the marketing for a professional. If you want a solid life insurance lead generation strategy hire a direct response copywriter and marketer who can help you.

Till next time…

Jay Simcic - Marketer

Jay Simcic
Profit Convergence, Inc.

P.S.  When your ready to give me a call we can certainly discuss your life insurance lead generation needs.  Give me a call at 336-775-6606.

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