Recession Marketing – Do The Unthinkable

Posted by on April 23, 2009 5:23 pm
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The other day I was reading the doom and gloom in the news.  All I pictured was a bunch of people yapping about how bad business is. 

I have to wonder what they’re doing to improve their marketing during a recession.  I couldn’t figure it out just by reading the short articles but I bet they weren’t doing the unthinkable.

What am I talking about?

Well, what if you went to a competitor of yours.  Someone who is in the same industry but has a slightly different product or service but would compliment what you offer.

What if you took their flyers, marketing information, etc. and put it in the bag as people checked out.  Include their info on your thank you page.  Or just offered the info at the time of purchase about your competitor.

You’re probably thinking I’m crazy.  The point is JV deals are done everyday.  If you can find a competitor that complements what you offer your customers there’s no reason you can’t make some money off of them too. 

Go meet up with your competition, see if you can strike a JV deal, and start making part of their profits too.  You see, they might just do the same for you and you’ll be adding an additional lead stream in place. 

Not to mention a little more cashola!

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