Dan Kennedy Marketing – Putting Your Prospect In The Cross Hairs

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I love Dan Kennedy style marketing.  It makes so much sense.  His books have been suggested reading by several people I know in the industry and I believe they’re dead on. 

So, I was reading Dan Kennedy’s book – The Ultimate Marketing Plan – and there is a section in there about picking the right targets. 

In this section of the book he talks about the importance of aiming your weaponry at the right target.  If you were to take his thoughts to the battle field you would realize if you’re aiming at the wrong people, you’ll lose the battle.

The same thing is true with marketing and copywriting.  You see, if you want to communicate a message you better be sending it to the right people, otherwise you’re probably wasting time, money, and resources.

In the example, Dan Kennedy talks about a carpet cleaner who was sending his direct mail packages to a zip code that had run own neighborhoods and apartment complexes.  These, in his opinion, did not meet the criteria of this man’s target market.

With that being said when they re-targeted his letter to the appropriate list of people his conversion rate went from .25% to 2.5%.  That’s a huge jump in conversions.

So the bottom line… keep it tightly aimed.   What Dan Kennedy was trying to convey is to target your marketing as tight as you can possibly get it to improve your overall conversion.  Not everyone wants or needs to hear your message.  Laser target it and you’ll be more successful. 

If you’re shooting in the wrong direction you’ll end up losing.

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P.P.S.  Here’s the link to his book – The Ultimate Marketing Plan – if you’re interested in picking it up.

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