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For starters every small business, online or offline, should consider the impact of using SEO techniques to improve their search rankings on the internet. 

Everyday more people are searching online for the the things they need and want.  It’s not just about finding that one item they can only find on the internet.   Those days are gone.

No, it’s people doing research, reading reviews, finding out everything they can about a business before they shop or work with them.  Internet marketing and SEO is here to stay and now its a matter of keeping up.

You see, SEO is now part of marketing a business properly.  It’s on par with Yellow Pages advertising, newspaper advertising, direct mail, and radio/tv advertising.  SEO is a powerful tool to use in your marketing arsenal and for local businesses the competition is still weak.  That means you can take advantage of SEO and what Stompernet has to offer.

Stompernet is one of the top SEO training companies out there today.  And they’re giving away a FREE 7-part Course on getting Top Search Engine Rankings.  If you’re interested at all in improving the traffic you get to your website and the number of leads you pickup, I suggest you visit Stompernet and get this free course.  It only costs your email address. 

Here’s the link

Stompernet – 7 Deadly SEO Mistakes

It’s packed with great information that you should consider implementing on your website.  It’s easy fun and you just might make some extra money from a free course.

It’s a no brainer.

So many people get information about SEO from dozens of sources.  I would say that Stompernet is the foremost authority on SEO in the market today.  They do all the testing for you.

You should check it out.

Here’s the link one last time.

Stompernet – 7 Deadly SEO Mistakes

One other area, that we’ll talk about another day, that you should consider looking into as a small business is PPC.  Using pay-per-click advertising in your marketing arsenal can produce a high return on investment when you get it done right.

Many local businesses aren’t looking to PPC as a viable advertising tool right now and they should.   For the same reasons SEO is important for local business, PPC is too.  Let’s face it, people are using the internet for nearly everything they do.  Don’t you think you should have a presence when they’re looking for what you offer.

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Jay Simcic

P.S.  Take advantage of the Stompernet – 7 Deadly SEO Mistakes for FREE while you still can.  Just click the link and you’ll be taken to their page. 

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