Persuasive Online Copywriting Is Like Selling Vacuums Door To Door

Posted by on January 14, 2010 1:07 am
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PersuasiveOnlineCopywriting-HeadlineTip1If you have ever experienced a door-to-door vacuum sales person you know that they intrude into your life uninvited.   You hear the knock at your door.  And BAM there they are pushing their way in to clean your carpet.  They’re uninvited but in the end, somehow, you’re the proud owner of a new $1,500 vacuum cleaner that sucks the paint right off the wall.

Persuasive online copywriting is very similar.  In most cases we’re trying to get the attention of passerby’s.  We’re the uninvited vacuum cleaner sales person.  We’re doing our best to attract someone who is in the buying mood but we can’t guarantee that.

So the first thing we’ve got to do is get the attention of each person seeing your message.  This attention grabber will be your headline or something like it.  You want it to reach out and grab your “guest” by the eyeballs and get them reading your ad copy.

Almost immediately after you get their attention you’ve got to show the benefit and advantage of your product or service.  You’ve got to show that it solves their problems.  If you can’t demonstrate that you understand their problem and you can solve it better than the next seller then you’ve gotten nowhere.  You essentially have to put yourself in the shoes of your prospect and experience what they experience.  Then tell them it’s ok because you have a solution.

Now comes the fun part of persuasive online copywriting.  Now you have to PROVE IT.  Without proof to show your product or service can do what you claim it can do…. well, you’ve just wasted money on a fly-by.  Proof is a critical element to persuasive copy.  Without you don’t stand a chance in hell of making sale.  With it and the world is your oyster.

Now that you’ve gotten their attention, shown them you understand and can solve their problem, and prove it… you’ve got to ask for the sale.

So many people forget this key part of the puzzle.  If you’ve got them reading and you’ve got them engaged.  You’ve got to ask for the sale.  People in general need to be led to the next step.  It can be as simple as “turn to the next page” or “click the next button”.  You’ve got to ask them to take action.  If you don’t you’re losing a ton of people.

Those few steps are what it takes to create persuasive online copywriting.

If you’re in need of a copywriter who understands these concepts, feel free to give me a call (Jay Simcic) at 336-775-6606 or visit and fill out the simple form.

Next time I’ll dig deeper into how to get attention.

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