Persuasive Online Copywriting Watching Train Wrecks

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Let’s get some attention… shall we?

A good headline is what’s going to get the attention of your prospect.

So, what does that look like?

Well, anywhere else in this world it’s usually a wreck… train wreck… car wreck… you name it.  If there are blood and guts (or the chance for it) spewed across the road you’ll probably get 80.1% to 90.99% of the attention of people going by.

I think they call them “rubber neckers”.

So, you want a “rubber necker” to at least stop and look.  We don’t want them to leave, like normal “rubber neckers”, we want them to stay.  But, I’ll get to what comes next later.  First you’ve got to get them to stop and look.

How do you do that?

It’s got to be something that hits an emotional button.  Or it’s got to be something the prospect desires deep down.  Make that big claim your prospect wants (as long as you know you can deliver).  But, be careful because you don’t want to sound all hypey and stuff.

The second part of the wreck that you need to add to your headline is believability (You shouldn’t claim you’re going to show someone how to hit a 700 Yard drive or lose 150 lbs in 3 weeks unless it’s absolutely possible and proven and even then it’s got to be believable).  Yes, it must be believable and it’s up to you to prove that it’s true.

Maybe you’re wondering… how do I put proof in my headline?  Headlines are usually pretty short.

Well, if you’re selling something related to health, being a doctor will give you some credibility.  If you’re selling something sports related, being an athlete that’s accomplished what you claim for your product will build proof.

Don’t get me wrong.  There is a difference between proof and credibility but an ounce of credibility, especially in your headline, will go a long way.

Another thing you can do to bring the believability is when you’re using numbers.  Be specific.  Use “9.99” instead of “10”.  Use 85.33% instead of 85%.  By using specific numbers it gives your claims a hint more believability even if the round number is correct for its purpose (just don’t make stuff up just to be specific).

If you want to get some great headline ideas, check out Mens Health Magazine or TMZ.  Obviously both are very different but you’ll find that the headlines they use for their stories are eye catching and have elements that should be modeled.

When you’re ready to hire someone who understands persuasive online copywriting and ready to go the extra mile for your sales letter then you can visit the link and fill out the form or give me, Jay, a call at 336-775-6606.   I look forward to working with you.

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