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DigitalVideoCameraXSmallThe question has been posed to many small and medium sized businesses if online video is a viable marketing solution to add to their current marketing mix.


The answer is 100% YES!


With YouTube being one of the top visited sites in the world and it’s use as a search engine it’s important that all types of business begin using video to their advantage. The same holds true for businesses who are local only.


The reason is because more and more people are using the web to look for what they want. If video is being used effectively you can show up for specific searches that your competitors wouldn’t ordinarily show up for.


Besides that, it gives you huge opportunity. Here’s an excerpt from a recent news article…


Online video is becoming a first stop for many customers. It is akin to what the Web page was a decade ago — something that can give early adopters an edge over competitors. It gives them a channel to talk directly to customers in ways previously accessible only to large companies that could afford TV advertisements.



As you can see there is a huge door that is opening for all business owners, large and small. Video is no longer for the giant corporation. Here’s a few things that video can do for you and for your prospective customer or client…


Product Demonstration


You can leverage video to perform a product demonstration. It doesn’t matter if you are using it to demonstrate a service or a specific product. You can use. On top of that, the more products and services you have, the more videos you can get up on YouTube, and the more exposure you will gain in the long run.


Create A Following


Use video to communicate to your prospective customers. When you give out information, show yourself as an open book, and give out entertaining or educational videos you could build a solid following that tunes into nearly every video you put out.


Keep Tabs On Your Demographics


When you upload your video on YouTube you will be privy to tons of great data. You’ll get to see how many people are viewing it, where they are coming from, what the demographics look like, even how long they are staying.


All of this is good information for anyone planning on leveraging their video as much as a tool as an education or entertainment device. Not only that, it’s easy to do. It doesn’t take an advanced math degree to analyze your data. It’s simple and easy to do.


Create Your Own Channel


One of the best features I like about online video is that you can create your own channel on YouTube. A channel is what will allow people to subscribe to all your videos, leave comments, and watch what you find fun, entertaining, or educational. Your channel is where you can take the social aspects of YouTube up a notch.


Give FREE Training


Another great way to use online video for your business is to give free training to your prospects. By giving short training clips to prospects you’re able to build trust, rapport, and a foundation of authority and know how. You are able to get in front of people you normally might not be able to get in front of. It’s your opportunity to shine. I can’t put this any better than….


“You can tell somebody over the phone to turn the screw in the top right corner,” he said, “and they might understand what you mean and they might not. If you show them on a video, they get the point.”



Those are just a few ways you can use video to enhance your business, drive new leads to your website, and ultimately find new and fruitful avenues for marketing your business. If you haven’t started you should begin using video for your business now.


Go now and use video for your business. Be sure to come back and tell me how you did.


Enjoy and prosper,




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