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Is it a good idea for businesses to market using Facebook?


That’s a good question and one that many people have taken a stab at. After reading a recent post on CBC News it seems there are rules, or guiding principles, many so-called experts are placing on businesses for using Facebook.


First and foremost, Facebook is a growing social network that is still gaining steam. Just look at these stats…


Telecom firm AT&T conducted a survey recently, focusing on firms with two to 50 employees. The response from participants shows that 41 per cent of small businesses do have Facebook accounts. Now mind you, that’s up from 27 per cent when AT&T did the same survey last year, so that’s a significant jump.



It’s amazing how Facebook is growing. It’s also wonderful to see so many businesses giving it a test run. You see, in the same article the experts listed indicate that it depends on the type of organization on whether or not they should engage using the social media behemoth.


I have to disagree with that statement. I am a believer that you should test everything. It doesn’t matter how big or small your company is, there is data to be mined and experience to be gained from trying and using Facebook as a tool.


For instance, one of the issues that is brought up is how quickly negative news can travel on this social site. Yes, negative news can travel quickly and maybe it should if your product and customer service suck. The point is, bad news can travel fast on Facebook even if you’re company isn’t on it. But the kicker is, if you’re not there to try and stop the negative news from creating a wave of hate across the virtual landscape, then what are you to do?


At least if your business is represented you can take an active role in reputation management. You’ll have the ability to catch the negative news and squash it by giving superb customer service. It doesn’t take a Ph.D to realize how important it is to make people happy. And there is one thing to remember. You can’t make everyone happy. But you sure can do your best to get in front of the bad apples and show that you gave it your all.


Doing the little things could build tremendous good will in your brand and your community. Even the smallest of businesses can leverage this type of exposure and engagement with their customers and prospects.


Think about it. The same way negative news can spread, so can GREAT news. And that’s what you want.


A few of the tips given in this article that I think are great…


  1. Be yourself! People want personality. That’s what will draw them back — interacting with someone who is fun and interesting. Always be professional.
  2. Be consistent — it takes a lot of time to be successful with Social Media — respond to people who post and make sure you are doing a consistent number of posts using different things like pictures, videos, etc. Don’t bombard people. Too much and people will “unlike” your page.
  3. Have a Plan — what is the purpose of your Facebook page? Is it to advertise specials, give information, promote yourself? Plan what you are going to put on your page and the amount of time you are going to spend — you can get carried away!


There are two keys to using Facebook. One is listed above. You MUST have a plan before you set out to use the social media tool. Know what you want out of it and how you are going to use it before you even open an account.


The second most important concept is start small and test. Test everything you do and adjust your approach accordingly. If you’re using the event feature but it’s not working for some reason, then try something else. If you’re using Facebook ads and they’re giving you a positive ROI, then keep doing more of it and start to scale up.


Don’t let some expert tell you if you should be on Facebook or not. Test it and see if it make sense for your business.


Enjoy and prosper,




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