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Posted by on March 25, 2011 4:19 am
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Small Business MarketingSearch marketing should be a primary strategy in marketing today for any business. It’s too common for most people to bypass the telephone book and use online resources to find what they’re looking for.

The fact is many business owners don’t allocate a budget toward search marketing and should. While the other percentage that does allocate a budget, many don’t know what they’re doing…

So it came as no surprise to me that 56% of small businesses that plan to allocate marketing budgets toward search or social media advertising in 2011 admit they need help with some part of their campaigns. And despite a need for assistance, only 25% use SEM tools to manage their campaigns.


The small businesses that take on search marketing on their own should seriously consider outsourcing or hiring someone in to do the work for them. Search can be difficult but primarily it takes the business owner’s focus away from strategic thinking and industry direction toward tactic style thinking.

That’s not a bad thing and should be done from time to time but the vast array of information on search marketing and the pace at which it changes can be daunting and task that should be left to professionals.

Let the statistics speak for themselves.

Although 21% of small businesses report using search advertising, 73% said they handle search campaigns internally, with 47% admitting to doing it themselves. Some companies do not have dedicated resources, which can lead to major headaches when a campaign misfires. One in five, or 22%, said they have a staff member handling SEM in addition to other responsibilities.


Business owners who wants to improve their business overall and increase profits exponentially must look at all marketing methods and strategies available. One of the ways this is often done is by hiring a marketing strategist or business coach. This would be someone who has a fresh set of eyes that can bring value by overseeing and looking for potential profit leaks in the business. Not all companies do this and perform fine but are probably leaving tons of money on the table.

With that being said, all businesses – large and small – should consider search marketing as a tactic in their marketing arsenal. It’s effective, more people are using the internet to find the things they are looking for, and it allows your business to gain exposure.


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PS- If you need a fresh set of eyes to uncover the profit leaks in your business then consider getting a profit leak audit. It pays for itself.

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