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Posted by on March 28, 2011 4:33 am
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Small Business Marketing CultLady GaGa is the first person to hit 9 million twitter followers. Justin Bieber is right behind followed by Britney Spears. You’re probably wondering what all this has to do with marketing for your business.  Source: MTV.CO.UK

No, this isn’t a pitch for Twitter, nor am I going to tell you to try twitter for your business.

What I want to call out to you is the impact a strong, cult-like following can have. Ok, these people are entertainers. I wouldn’t expect a small or medium sized business in town to draw a following that size. But if you do things that include and engage your customers… your “audience”… you can gain a huge following in your area.

One of the things these entertainers do, especially Lady GaGa, that many businesses can take a lesson from is their uncanny ability to get people to do stuff. No matter how high up their entertainer status is they engage their followers with updates and questions.

You can do the same thing. Here’s an example. Let’s assume you have all your current customer’s email addresses. You can start a monthly treasure hunt. Send out a message to your customers and let them know that if they will get a deep discount or something for free if they follow along and are successful. You can send them on a treasure hunt to find something you’ve hidden in a public place. You can have them answer a difficult trivia question related to your brand.

Then have everyone meet at your store on a specific day and time. Then follow through on your promise. Give out door prizes, hand out discounts, and award the winner something special. It doesn’t have to be elaborate or cost a ton of money. Keep it simple but engage your customers.

Not only will it be fun, your current customers will begin telling other people. They will bring people with them to join in on the fun. This is how you get buzz going about your business. You never know… these events might even get picked up by the local news and you could end up with free publicity and advertising.

You don’t have to be a National celebrity to create a cult-like following. Do stuff like this in your local community and you could very well become a local celebrity.

Anyone can do this sort of thing. It doesn’t matter if you’re running a product based business or a service based business. Include your customers, engage them, and you will have them for life.

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