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FingerprintDoes your company stand out from its competitors?  Many business owners overlook the importance of a Unique Selling Proposition (USP). Your USP is like your company’s fingerprint. It should be unique to you and there should be no one else who can use it.

It should be a primary focus in your marketing. A USP should be on the forefront of your mind in every piece of communication that you send.

It should be on your website, in your brochures, in your newspaper ads, and even your yellow page ads if you have them.

A USP is what allows certain businesses to thrive while others fail. Maybe you’ve never had to consider or come up with a  USP. Try asking these questions…

  1. How is your product or service different from your competitor?
  2. How can you clearly express the benefits of your product or service?
  3. Are you able to claim that your customer service or fulfillment is better than your competitor?
  4. How can you demonstrate that your product or service is as reliable if not more reliable than your competitor?

Each of these questions allows you to open up ideas about what you might think of your company. But the best way to gain this information is by asking your current and past customers these same questions. They bought from you. And they did it for some reason.

Ask them these questions and take good notes on what they have to say. You might be surprised at how different their responses are from your own response. It goes to show you, in many cases, you are not your own client.

Here’s the kicker. If you want to ensure you improve upon that USP and make your company better. Find customers who hate you. Find customers who no longer shop or do business with you and ask them a series of questions.

Ask these “haters” why they like your competitor over you.  Ask why they didn’t do business with you. Ask them what’s the biggest problem with your company/product/service.

The answers to those questions will blow you away. Yes, they will be painful. They may be difficult to swallow at the time. You may want to defend yourself. But don’t. The information you gleam from this exercise will be worth pure gold. You’ll be able to pinpoint the biggest drawbacks and problems in the way you do business right now. Then you can fix it, change it, or correct it.

It seems like everywhere you turn when businesses want to do better, make more revenue, and increase their profit the first place they turn is MORE advertising and marketing. Many times generating added revenue and profit could come from looking inside. Improving your business doesn’t require much money if you look in the right places. And looking inside your business first could uncover a treasure chest of GOLD.

just to give you an idea. There was an auto shop who looked internally for resources they never knew they had. They were able to walk away with a 20% increase in sales in only 3 months. And that was just one hidden resource sitting idle in their own business.

You see, it doesn’t take a lot of work to find value inside your own business. And one of the very first places you should look is your USP. You want to make sure it conveys the right message and tells the RIGHT story to your prospect.

Now get working on your USP.

Enjoy and prosper,


PS- Small business marketing isn’t rocket science, it’s just a series of thoughtful premeditated ideas that work together to bring massive profits.

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