5 Marketing Ideas For Business–The Warlock Way

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Marketing a Business Like A WarlockIt’s FUNKY FRIDAY and it just so happens it’s also April Fool’s Day. Let’s talk Charlie Sheen.

Charlie Sheen is no fool. He is a “winning warlock who drinks Tiger’s blood and has Adonis DNA.”

That guy is a sound bite machine.

And you could learn a few things from him. He’s giving us a plethora of marketing ideas for business without even trying. You just have to open your eyes and look between the lines.

Ok…Ok.. you’re probably thinking I’ve fallen off the edge of insanity.

“The global inferno that is me, is now as molten and focused as my afterburners.”
– Charlie Sheen

Think about it. This guy has created so much buzz it would have cost any business out there millions in advertising budget to even come close to the press Charlie “the warlock” Sheen has created.

He’s on fire. Do you think he’s winning? This guy is winning and you could probably take some of his ideas and use them in your business.

  1. Make the best out of negative situations…

    Charlie took what would have been the end of many other actor’s careers and made a Tour out of it. He stands to make millions from his live Tour alone. Lesson: When you’re given a negative situation use it to your advantage. Call it out. Make your product or service better because of it. And let everyone know.
  2. An unwavering drive to win…

    When the spaghetti hit the wall, Charlie came out with an attitude that he was going to win. He didn’t dwell on the problems he was having. He drove with passion to WIN, whatever that meant to him. Lesson: It doesn’t matter what marketing you are using, what you’re communicating to your customers or what has happened in the past, it’s all feed back. Treat everything you do as a test or something that can give you feed back and all you have to worry about is course correcting as needed. That’s the importance of getting a profit leak audit done on your current business. It gives you feed back on where you can improve.
  3. Gain media attention in YOUR OWN WAY…

    One of the things that made Charlie Sheen go viral was partly that he is a celebrity. But the other part is that he was doing things no one was doing. He was in the middle of a crash and burn and he pulled out of it faster than an F-18 with afterburners. Lesson: Use the media to your advantage. Participate in events that gain coverage. Be in places where your competitors aren’t even thinking about. Be a trend setter instead of following the crowd. Make something happen instead of watching it happen.

  4. Get someone else talking about you…

    Charlie did things that got people talking. He was funny, he was quick witted, and he has since connected up with some big entertainers and business owners inside and outside of Hollywood. Lesson: Get other people talking about how good you are. It’s much better for someone who has done business with you to say good things and spread the word than it is for you to say it yourself. It’s different when I say “Let me do a profit leak audit on your business and help you generate an additional 20% profit.” versus if someone else said, “You should let Jay do a profit leak audit on your business. There could be a good chance he helps you find 20% in additional profits.” Big difference isn’t it. Get others to spread the word.
  5. Use technology to your advantage…

    As soon as Charlie looked like he was insane he went directly to the internet and created a huge following on twitter, created his own video following, and got the buzz machine rolling. Lesson: If you’re not using the internet to your advantage then you need to start. If you have a website but you’re not creating fresh content on a regular basis to bring prospects to your message then you need to start. If you’re not using online video NOW, then you need to start before you get left in the dust.

I’m going to leave you with a thought. Do you think all of the buzz that has been created around Charlie Sheen is by accident or do you think it was planned?

I don’t think his being fired was planned but I do believe everything that came after it was. This guy is smart. Drugs or not he is a marketing machine. Pay attention to what he says, how he does things, and what he’s doing to capitalize on a possibly short lived buzz generator. He’s setting himself for something better long term and is capitalizing on the buzz. Watch and learn. Uncover what you can borrow from Charlie and use it in your business. Marketing your business isn’t rocket science. It just takes a little thought, planning, the cojones to test and the will to take action.

Enjoy and prosper,


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