What you can learn from Donald Trump about your marketing!

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Donald TrumpDonald Trump is on a tear right now. He’s in a position to run for president. He’s not going to announce until June. And there are a few things you can take from his pre-running marketing and use in your business.

What he is doing is marketing himself with tons of media. Everywhere you look Donald Trump is in the news and magazines. It’s this kind of attention and media that could get him elected. He’s famous, he’s in the public eye, and even when he’s talking about non-country related things he’s still being talked about.

One reason why some people are elected to the presidency is because they’re popular. It’s this popularity and attention to the public eye that gets the votes. This same concept can be used in your business to get people through the doors.

Let me give you an example other than Trump. Look at Charlie Sheen. The more news he gets the more popular he becomes. Even when it’s negative publicity, it’s still publicity. It’s this media attention that keeps him in the front of everyone’s mind. All of this attention has allowed him to sell out concerts and rake in the cash.

Obviously Donald Trump is doing the same thing by focusing on the birth certificate of president Obama. He is staying in the news. He’s creating controversy. He’s on TV stations all the time. He’s in magazines all the time. He’s keeping himself in front of his constituency. Or another way to look at it is he’s keeping himself in front of his prospects.

You should be doing the same thing with your business. Stay in front of your prospects all the time and as often as you can. Communicate often to your prospects. You can communicate through e-mail, post cards, direct mail, and even videos. But always staying in the front of your prospect or customer’s mind will allow you to be first. You will be the first person they think of when they are looking for a product or service you are offering. The only way to do that is market your business.

Make some changes. Make something work for you. A little bit of action can go a long way.

Enjoy and prosper,

Jay Simcic


Picture Source: Gage Skidmore

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