5 Ways To Get Clients On Slow Days

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Get Clients On Slow DaysDo you get more business on some days. And others you could drag a mattress in the middle of the floor and fall asleep without anyone knowing.

That’s a common problem for many businesses today.

It’s something many business owners live with but don’t have to. There are ways to get clients in even on the slowest of slow days. You just have to be creative.

Here are a few solutions for those “slow days”.

  1. Have customer loyalty specials on your slow days. Find out what your most loyal customers buy the most or most often and have a special on it. Then let them all know they can get this item or service only on Tuesday or Wednesday or whatever for a good price.
  2. Send an email or post card to your current customers announcing a special event during your slow days. Customer loyalty events could be held on your slow days to get people through the doors. It allows you to build your following and allow your customers to bring in friends. Have something fun going on during these days and engage your customers. Not only is it a good client booster but it can be fun and build morale for your staff.
  3. Bundle a few items or services together that are complementary and call it a “Day-of-the-week Bundle” and then let your customers know they can get that item or service for some special price on that day only.
    By bundling things that have a high margin you’ll be able to create a good deal for your clients and increase your transaction size on these days.
  4. Have a beat the clock special on a different item every day. You can work this many different ways.
    You can have a different product each day and start it at a certain price, very low. As the hours tick off the price goes up by a certain percentage until it gets to the full price, at the end of the day of course. Each day you do the same thing with a different price. Another way to do that would be to have one item or service at a lower price point each day. If you don’t come in on that day you miss out.The key to making these work is making sure you let your customers know what’s going on. So make sure you communicate.
  5. Make up a reason to get your customers in. You’re only limited by your creativity. There are things going on each month across the country and across the world. All you have to do is find something that’s going on and have an “event” for that thing.

The only thing you need to make these ideas work is a reason why.

When you give people a reason why you’re essentially letting their mind realize that this sale is not going to happen again. It’s only for this “reason”.

Everything you do in your business should have a reason why attached. And you should always let your clients know that reason why. Doing it that way creates scarcity and urgency in the mind of your client. And that gets them piling in.

That’s all there is to it.

Use your imagination and get clients in on your “slow days” from now on. Then they won’t be your slow days any more.

Jay Simcic

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