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Wal-Mart Worried?The sky is falling…

The sky is falling…

The sky is falling…

I can’t believe what I just read.

Wal-Mart CEO has said that their shoppers are running out of money. And he’s worried. I have to call BS on this one but here’s an excerpt to make you laugh a little.

Wal-Mart’s core shoppers are running out of money much faster than a year ago due to rising gasoline prices, and the retail giant is worried, CEO Mike Duke said Wednesday.

“We’re seeing core consumers under a lot of pressure,” Duke said at an event in New York. “There’s no doubt that rising fuel prices are having an impact.”

Source: CNN


No one is running out of money and if they are, it’s not because of gas prices. And I can’t believe that Wal-Mart CEO is worried.

I would imagine that Wal-Mart is seeing a drop off in purchases isn’t because of gas prices. I think it’s because they aren’t showing their consumers value. They forgot how to differentiate on something other than price.

Why should I shop at Wal-Mart when I can shop at Target for almost the same price. Especially when Target staff is nicer, the stores are cleaner and there isn’t a comedy website focused on the “People of Wal-Mart”. 

It’s bad when you get a website like that talking about you.

It’s even worse when you can walk into your local Wal-Mart and see it for yourself.

I remember walking into a local Wal-Mart and deciding, I’d rather pay the few extra pennies to go somewhere else because this experience SUCKED!

What’s the lesson here?

Differentiate your company on something other than price. Find something worth talking about and leverage it.

Enjoy and prosper,

Jay Simcic

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