How Martina McBride And The Boston Pops Fireworks Spectacular Can Help Your Business

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SmallBusinessMarketingIndependenceYesterday was U.S.A.’s Independence Day.  For those of you that celebrated I hope you enjoyed it.

Me and my family watched some fireworks and hung out with friends.  It was a great time.

Now, down to business.

You must think I’m nuts…

What does Martina McBride and her performance at The Boston Pops Fireworks Spectacular have to do with you and your business.

Well, let me give you a quick excerpt from the article…

If you happened to catch the Boston Pops Fireworks Spectacular last night on CBS, you saw Martina McBride filling in for Lionel Richie, who had been announced as the headliner of the July 4th concert festivities.

Why McBride?

She wound up being a last-minute fill-in for Richie, who has been completing his upcoming album as well as performing back-to-back concerts and suffered strained vocal cords, which left him unable to perform, according to CBS.

Source: USA Today

Ok, now that you have a little bit of context, you can read the rest over at USA Today if you would like, you’ll see that the plan didn’t work out the way it was designed.  The Boston Pops Fireworks Spectacular had to work on plan B to get their show off without any major problems.  That’s where Martina McBride came in.

Now, I’ve got to imagine that there was a backup plan and that Martina knew about the event just in case something bad happend . As you can see it did and the secondary plan worked out.

This type of planning should be what you have working in your business.  Have backup plans. 

I’m not talking about things like backing up your computer or having a fire safe… although those are good ideas.  What I’m talking about is getting past small mistakes and learning from them. 

For instance, mistakes in your marketing and your communications to your prospects and customers.

Nothing has to ever be perfect. It just has to work.

Mistakes are not a big deal, it’s when you don’t follow through on something that you have to worry about.

For instance, if the Boston Pops Fireworks Spectacular didn’t have a backup plan they would have had many unhappy people on their hands and it would have probably affected next years performance.  But because they came through with something, even though it wasn’t what was planned, Martina McBride saved the day.

Here’s an example in your business.  Let’s say you tell a prospective customer that you will follow up with them tomorrow at 4pm.  Then you get caught up with work and forget to make the call.  Your prospect was waiting.  They’re probably not happy. 

What do you do?

One option would be to ignore the situation and never call them back and count them as a lost customer.  The implications of this are much greater than just losing one customer but we can talk about that another time.

Another option would be to call the prospective customer back and pretend like nothing happened. That’s not so good either because you’ll be giving your customer some signs that they may not want to do business with you.

Or, you could call your prospective customer, own up to the mistake, apologize, and make good on what ever it was you needed to come through on.  At that point you’re coming from even footing.  You’ve owned up to your mistake, the customer can then take it or leave it.  They can’t hold it over your head because you’ve come clean so to speak.

That is the type of approach we should all take in our businesses. 

Have a plan B if you can.

If not, own up to the mistakes and move on.

By doing that you’ll probably gain a customer for life.

Be sure to comment with any questions you want answered about your business. I’ll do my best to include it in some of my blog posts.

Enjoy and prosper,

Jay Simcic

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