Small Business Marketing – How Boutiques Pamper Top Customers And What It Means To Your Business

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Small Business MarketingA recent article in the Wall Street Journal details how independent boutiques are pampering their customers.  They offer a different outlook on making a purchase.  While most people are shopping in an attention deficit world where they want everything now, these boutiques are specializing in custom customer service. They are treating their clients to service they can’t find in mainstream retail stores.

It actually reminds me of full service gas stations.  Sometimes you just don’t feel like getting out to pump your own gas.  Sometimes you just want to pay a little more for top notch service. 

And you know what.  That’s totally ok.

Here’s an example from the article of what some of these boutiques are doing for their customers…

When John Cannistraro pops into Louis, a specialty luxury store in Boston that’s run by Debi Greenberg, the great-granddaughter of the founder, the store will repair clothes he has purchased there. “I walk around in my T-shirt for awhile, and they fix my button,” says the 50-year-old construction engineer.

When a client of Louis wanted a dress from chic label The Row in a size the store didn’t have, Ms. Greenberg went online and bought the dress at Barney’s.

Such service helps boutiques compete in an increasingly tough environment. Their rivals include fashion brands’ own stores and big chains, with their broad selections and generous return policies. Online retailers are cutting into business, too, as shoppers have less time for trips to stores.

Source: Wall Street Journal

So, what does this mean for your small business and your current marketing campaigns?

It means that you should consider providing top notch, custom customer service to your customers and clients. Or you could offer this over and above type service to everyone comes in. 

The process itself turns into good marketing.


Because when you begin doing things out of the ordinary and doing things that catches people’s attention, you will be talked about. And when you’re talked about you will inevitably get more business.

The possibilities and ideas around this concept become endless. 

This type of service at all costs based concept could flow into any business even if you’re business is service based.

The bottom line… when you treat people right, people talk.  And you never know who’s watching.

Look at it this way, these boutiques were watched, talked about, and now have coverage in the Wall Street Journal.

Tell me that’s not going to bring in some new business.

That PR is free marketing for their small businesses.

Consider putting something in place like that in your business.

Enjoy and prosper,

Jay Simcic

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