Marketing During A Recession – 3 Easy Steps To Survive The Recession

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There are really only 3 ways to grow your business during a recession. They’re simple and easy but often forgotten.  I’ve watched too many businesses close in my area of Winston Salem, NC because they didn’t follow these marketing best practices.

So let’s break these out the easy way.

You see if you sit down and analyze your business there are only a few strategies that will allow you to grow business effectively. And it’s not rocket science.

1.       Increase the average amount your customer spends each time they visit by using proven profit generation strategies.

2.       Improve the frequency in which your current customers purchase from you by leveraging verified customer retention tactics.

3.       Generate new customers from thin air using established lead generation techniques.

It’s that simple and so many business owners cut their marketing across the board when they need it most… during a recession.  Making it through a recession takes making solid decisions about your business and about your marketing.

You may want to cut back and that’s fine but you should find the areas that make sense.

When you stop your marketing during a recession, your exposure is lessened and people have no way to know you’re there. It’s like that Kevin Costner baseball movie in reverse “build it, and they will come”.  So many owners have this false mentality that just because they have a current customer base to work from they’ll keep coming.

It’s simply not true.

You’ve got to communicate and connect with your customers and your target audience.

If you want to improve your chances of making it through this recession let alone flourish when we come out of it you’ve got to continue marketing. You’ve got to keep making offers to your target audience they just can’t turn down.

Now, over the coming weeks I’m going to show you ways you can leverage the 3 strategies I mentioned above.  And you’ll probably wonder why you haven’t been doing them all along.

Good luck and until next time.

Jay Simcic - Marketer

Jay Simcic
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