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You’re probably wondering who I am.

Marketing During A Recession

For starters I’m a husband and father.  My wife Beckie thinks I’m nuts sometimes while my daughter Hannah just thinks I’m silly.  Either way you look at it, it’s nothin’ but good times.  And my family is the #1 priority in my life.

When it comes to play time, I love to play hard with the best of them.  My favorite things to do are to cook a steak on the grill, have a beer with friends and family, and just plain old hang with the family.

But you’re not here for that stuff.

You’re probably here to find out about why you should work with me.  Well, I’m not sure you should.  I can’t make assumptions here.  So what I suggest is if you’re thinking about it just give me a call so we can talk and have a short conversation.  My number is 336-891-0365 if you’d like to give me call now.  Having a two-way conversation is much more beneficial for both of us, don’t you agree.

What do you do…?

The bottom line is, I’m a direct response marketer and copywriter.  I don’t work for awards, kudos, or pats on the back.  I work for results.

My job for you starts with getting results.

One of the first questions you’ll get asked when you talk to me is, “What do you want?”.  I won’t know if I can even begin to help you unless YOU know exactly what you want.

That’s for starters.

Next we’ll start digging into your marketing and what you’re doing today that’s working or not working.  But we can save that for when you call.

What makes you different from everyone else…?

Well, I’m not going to craft a canned solution that might or might not fit your business model.  You’ll get a highly targeted, highly customized solution to fit exactly what you’re looking to do.

I look for the dead spots, the anomalies, what’s not looking right, what can be improved in your marketing.  It’s like reading the newspaper and looking for the hidden meaning the reporters don’t want to say.

You might be doing everything right “technically” but not getting results.  That means something is flawed.  I’ll look for those intricate details, the kind of details the other guy forgets, which could be the difference between boom and bust.

And some of those reasons are why I’ve started blogging.

Why ARE you blogging…?

Because I want to help educate and improve any business out there who is willing to listen and act on the information I have.  There are just too many businesses struggling for this information not to be put out.

My goal is to help your business increase revenue, improve the number of customers connecting with you, and just plain ole jack up your bottom line profits.  Yes, even in the economy we’re in.

So, get started, implement some of the stuff I’m talking about, make some positive change, and if you need some one-on-one help, feel free to give me a call @ 336-891-0365.

Yours for profits,

Jay Simcic - Marketer

Jay Simcic
Profit Convergence, Inc.

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