Is it possible to find a copywriter willing to guarantee results…

“Who Else Wants To Use
The Copywriting Services Of A
Conversion Expert Willing To
Put His Money Where His Mouth Is?”

Until now, the best you could ever get for a guarantee from a copywriter was a few rewrites.
All that’s about to change.

If you’re running an online business and are looking for no nonsense copywriting services then here is a no risk offer for you…

Finally! A Copywriter Willing To Put His Money On The Line…


I’ll guarantee to out pull your current control by at least 10% in an A/B split test.

If I don’t pull at least 10% more responses than your current control then you won’t owe me a penny more for any work I’ve done.  And I’ll return your good faith deposit.

If I do beat your current control by at least 10%, you simply pay me the remainder of an agreed upon fee for the work.

In effect I’m offering a risk-free trial of my ability to sell your product or service. My work will cost you nothing – if my ad doesn’t beat your current control by at least 10%.

What’s The Catch?

There are three…

  1. You must be willing to let me create the advertising I think will sell.
    Except for your legal and factual approval, I retain the creative freedom to write the ad. Naturally, if an ad isn’t mine – if the copy has been rewritten or the layout changed – I can’t guarantee its success.
  2. You must need better advertising.
    If I think your present sales letter is excellent, I’ll tell you. I don’t believe to be the only direct response copywriter that can turn out superb work.
  3. You must have an ad with a current track record.
    Obviously without a history of conversions there is no way for me to judge accurately if I can out pull your ad and guarantee my work. 

    While in this case I would not be able to give you the guarantee stated above I would be more than happy to work with you until we come to an agreement.

Most of all… if you’re among the majority of online entrepreneurs whose sales letters aren’t living up to their full potential, I’m confident I can help you.

Who Is Jay Simcic And Why You Should Hire Him!


My name is Jay Simcic. I’m techie turned direct response copywriter. I’ve honed my skills by studying and mentoring with some of the top names in the industry for the last 3 years. You probably recognize some of the names…

I’ve studied the copywriting works of John Carlton,  Gary Halbert, Dan Kennedy, and Bill Glazer to name a few.

My study of persuasion skills and NLP come from people like Kenrick Cleveland, Richard Bandler, and David Gordon.

I’ve even mentored under copywriting greats “Million Dollar” Mike Morgan and NLP Copy expert Harlan Kilstein.

But you probably don’t care about all that because you can study for years… if you can’t bring the results in… nothing else matters.

So maybe your you’re wondering…

How The Heck Can You Guarantee Results?


I’m willing and able to guarantee my results because I have a complete approach to writing copy that works. To be honest, each of the principles I use is not unique. I’ve learned them from my mentors and studies along the way.

I combine them in a unique to deliver your message in the most persuasive way possible. Here are few key areas I’ll use to create your ad…

Persuasion In Print My approach is built on a few simple strategies. When you think about how a 4 year old persuades their parents for a cookie or a 10 year old for the latest and greatest toy… you begin to understand the approach is the same in principle.
A Real Problem – The more agony  your prospect is having the more we’ll be able to demonstrate how your solution is the answer. 

But before we can do that we must know why your prospect is staying up at night. What is weighing on them day in day out. Then we can present the right solution… your solution.

The Right Solution – I’ve had several clients who initially look at their product or service as being a fit for “everyone”. Let me be the first to tell you. It’s not. 

The first thing we’ll do when we talk on the phone is identify who your target market is and begin to discover what message needs to be delivered.

An Irresistible Offer – You must be prepared to deliver 10x the cost of your product or service. If it doesn’t bring that much value to the table for your prospect then we probably won’t work together. 

Having an irresistible offer is the second most important factor in having copy that converts.

Have a crappy offer and great copy before it … your ad will probably bomb.

Have an offer your customer can’t say no to and you’ll have a winner on your hands.

Undeniable Proof – The most important piece to the puzzle, for you to have a winning ad, is proof. Give me undeniable proof and we’ll shine your ad up like a piece of fine jewelry. 

Having undeniable proof could mean the difference between mediocre pay days and torrents of cash flooding your bank account.

Here Is A Sneak Peek At
The Results I’ve Achieved
For Past Clients…

Now, you might be thinking… all that’s great but what about your results. Let me be clear, I can’t divulge specific client information but here are a few of the results some of my clients have achieved…

One of my clients sold a $97 front end real estate information product and had 16% conversions during the middle of the recession. Not too shabby for being a time when people were supposed to be “holding back”.
I had a client who was getting 12% to 60% conversions on a squeeze page. The kicker was that it was all cold traffic from PPC advertising.
Another client was getting over 32% conversions on a $999 backend product. Again this is all during the recession. Think about it… that’s almost $32,000 for every 100 people that saw the backend offer. Not bad, eh?

Here’s What To Do Next

When you’re ready to move forward and take me up on my unique offer here’s what you’ll need to do. Below you’ll find a short form that you should fill out. If you need to get things turned around faster you can feel free to…

Give me a call at 336-891-0365

If you have an ad that you want me to beat, be sure to have it ready for me to review along with conversion information.

We’ll talk more about your project when we get on the phone. If you don’t have an ad already in place, that’s not a problem. We’ll have a short 30 minute consultation to see if we’ll be a good match.

Below is the form, go ahead and fill it out.

Some of my friends think I’m crazy for offering this no-brainer guarantee but you know what…  If I can’t beat your current control I don’t deserve to take your money.

100% Put Your Money
Where Your Mouth Is

I’ll guarantee to out pull your current control by at least 10% in an A/B split test. 

If I don’t pull at least 10% more responses than your current control then you won’t owe me a penny more for any work I’ve done.  And I’ll return your good faith deposit ASAP.

If I do beat your current control by at least 10%, you simply pay me the remainder of the agreed upon fee.

You won’t find any other copywriter offering the same guarantee. I dare you to try and find one.

You Get More Than Just Copy
After You Begin Working With Me…


Most copywriters you find selling themselves are one trick ponies.  They can write well.  But very few understand direct response marketing and how it relates to the internet.  Very few of them understand the dynamics and nuances of internet marketing and how that affects your prospects frame of mind.

So when you work with me not only do you get a guarantee to die for and copy that converts like crazy but you also get someone who has a solid understanding of SEO, Internet Marketing, e-mail marketing, even offline marketing.

I have back door access to one of the top PPC experts in the Nation.

I have direct access to one of the top online competitive research gurus on the planet.

And most importantly you won’t get left hanging.  You see, if you have any internet marketing questions, any sales funnel questions, or anything having to do with copy… you’ll have email access to me for up to 3 months after I’ve completed your work.

Again, I dare you to try and find another copywriter offering the same.

You’ve read this far.  You must be interested in using my copywriting services for your next project.  To get started all you have to do is fill out the form below or give me a call…

Jay Simcic at 336-891-0365.

One last thing.

I can only handle a few clients a month and my schedule can change at a moment’s notice.

If you’re even remotely interested you should fill out the form or call 336-775-6606 so we can schedule a conversation right away to discuss your project.

To your success,

Jay Simcic


Listen, I won’t beat around the bush.  I have a kick ass guarantee because just like any product that has to deliver on what it promises so should my copy. 

It’s my job to get your product sold and if I can’t deliver on what I promise then you shouldn’t have to worry about it.

So let’s get on a call and discuss your project… 336.775.6606

Before we talk… you should know I can only handle a few clients a month. 

So if you need a letter soon and you don’t want to be on a waiting list then I suggest you fill out the form or call right away.

If you’ve read this far and you can’t already see for yourself why you should call, then we don’t need to work together. 

I’ve put everything out there for you to see that I stand behind the copy I’ll write for you.

So if you’re interested give me a call.  If not, I wish you luck on your project.

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